How to Reduce Fuel Expense

With fuel prices skyrocketing lately and hitting all-time highs, finding ways to save and maximize fuel is of utmost importance. The increasing fuel prices will probably affect your budget if you have a vehicle. To minimize the effects of the rising fuel prices, you must be resourceful and find ways to reduce the impact of the fuel price hike. I've shared a few things I've been doing to minimize my fuel expenses and maximize every drop I put into my vehicle.


Use Waze or Google Maps to avoid traffic.

One of the most used apps on my phone is Waze. Every time I go out during rush hours, I see to it to check whether there is heavy traffic on my usual route. I've avoided heavy traffic caused by accidents by using Waze. An alternative to Waze is Google Maps, but I prefer Waze over Google Maps between the two.

One neat feature people rarely use on these apps is the scheduling a trip feature. This feature will help you avoid traffic by determining the best time to leave your location to arrive at your destination the fastest. The app uses historical data to predict the best time to depart from a particular area. By using this feature, you can decide to leave early to avoid traffic or wait a few minutes until the volume of traffic dwindles.


Always keep an eye out for the best gas prices along your daily route.

I've always been a penny pincher way before fuel prices soared, and one of the ways I saved on fuel expenses was by making mental notes on fuel prices from gas stations I passed by on my daily route. Each time I pass by a gas station, I take a mental note of the price and compare it to the prices of the gas stations that I pass by on my route. Whenever I come across a lower price, I take note of that price and the gas station's location. I disregard the previous prices and only remember the lowest price, so I won't get distracted while driving. 


Although I don't do this every day, I always see that I compare the price of the cheapest gas station with other gas stations before I fill up my vehicle. By comparing fuel prices from different gas stations, I avoided the most expensive gas station and saved up to 10% on fuel prices by choosing the cheapest gas station. If you are not particular about fuel brands, you can usually find some of the most affordable fuels from local gas stations, such as Rephil, SeaOil, and Diatom.


Use Regular Fuel

Unless your user manual explicitly mentions premium fuel, regular fuel is adequate for most vehicles. Paying extra for premium fuel will only add to your fuel expense without making drastic improvements to the performance of your car. Several studies show that regular gasoline is more than adequate for most vehicles.


Maintain your calm while driving and anticipate the road ahead.


When you are in a rush, you tend to drive fast without controlling your speed and acceleration. Accelerating short distances is inefficient and will make your car burn more fuel. Being able to anticipate the road ahead will reduce your need to step on the gas pedal, which burns unnecessary fuel. Most modern traffic lights have timers installed, allowing drivers to anticipate applying the brakes or accelerating the vehicle. Try to coast the car to a stop instead of abruptly stepping on the brakes.


Observe proper maintenance of your vehicle.

A well-maintained vehicle performs at its optimum performance. Following the recommended preventive maintenance will not only save you on fuel expenses, but it could also prevent you from spending money on expensive repairs on your vehicle. A well-maintained car burns fuel more efficiently. 

Make sure all your tires have the proper pressure to save money on gas. If all tires are not properly maintained and inflated, there will be additional fuel costs. When purchasing new tires, choose more fuel-efficient models with lower rolling resistance.


Make your car lighter by reducing unnecessary weight.

The first thing you should do is remove the clutter from your car. A lot of people leave their stuff in vehicles for several reasons. We sometimes forget something in the car, which piles up over time. Make it a habit to clear your stuff in your car every week. This way, your vehicle will be lighter and look cleaner.


If there are several gas stations along your usual route, another way to reduce the weight of your car is to not put too much fuel in it. Since I drive a vehicle with a small engine, I noticed that my vehicle drives more efficiently when I only fill up my tank halfway. My car drives faster, and my engine does not exert as much effort when I have less fuel in my tank. Fuel adds weight and will impact the performance of your car, especially if you drive a vehicle with a small engine. The lighter your vehicle is, the less work it needs to accelerate.


Consolidate and plan your trips.

If you plan to drop by several places within the same area, try to do it on a single trip. Consolidating all your trips into one single journey will cost you less fuel. If you have several vehicles in your household, using one car and combining your itinerary into one trip will reduce fuel costs. You can use a single car if several people in your family have several destinations and are all along the same route.



It seems fuel prices will only go higher over time due to political unrest in certain areas. By implementing these simple steps, you can save on your fuel costs until prices return to normal by making these simple adjustments.

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