Earn Free Money by Listening to Music on CyberFm

Last year, I came across CyberFm, an app that pays cryptocurrencies just by tuning into their online FM stations. Cyberfm pays its listeners with CYFM tokens each month for each minute they listen on their online stations. Cyberfm has a wide selection of stations to choose from that covers different genres and eras.

How to open an account in Cyberfm?

The first thing you should do is create a crypto wallet. Cyberfm needs a wallet address that will serve as your Cyberfm account. This wallet address is also where your CYFM tokens, the Cyberfm crypto, will be credited.

Creating a crypto wallet is free, and you can find several in the AppStore. Metamask wallet is one of the most popular crypto wallets and is the wallet that I use. After creating a wallet, you need to install the Cyberfm app from Playstore or Apple store.

Upon opening the app, press the setting button and create an account on Cyberfm using your wallet address. Cyberfm is currently available in three networks: Matic, Tron, and BSC. I recommend using the Matic network since this is the network that is the simplest to set up.

How to earn CYFM tokens?

Earning CYFM tokens in Cyberfm is straightforward. All you need is to play music from your choice of station, and each minute you spend listening in Cyberfm earns you CYFM tokens.

Another method of earning CyFM tokens is using their daily roulette draws. Cyberfm enables you to make extra minutes by spinning a roulette with corresponding minutes each day. You can win up to 120 minutes worth of CYFM tokens.

How much CYFM can I earn?

The number of minutes/songs played in the app determines the amount of CYFM you will earn. Cyberfm also increases the number of tokens you will earn based on the number of CYFM tokens you hold in your account. For each tier you achieve, the more CYFM tokens you will earn.

How to withdraw earned CYFM?

Earnings are credited every 1st day of the month. To claim earned CYFM tokens, all you need to do is click on the claim earning tab on the menu, and the app will redirect you to Cyberfm's official website. You then select the network your app uses and connect your crypto wallet.

Once your wallet is connected, you will see the total available CYFM tokens in your wallet. If you have available CYFM tokens in your wallet, you can claim the available tokens by clicking on the claim button. Do take note that claiming tokens requires gas fees. Using the Matic network, you will need some Matic in your wallet for gas to complete the transaction. 

Once the transaction pushes through, your CYFM will appear in your crypto wallet. It is advisable to accumulate as much CYFM before you claim your tokens to minimize the impact of gas fees. Although Matic gas fees are minimal, you need a lot of CYFM tokens to cover the gas fees.

How to Make Money with CYFM Tokens?

Once you have successfully claimed your CYFM tokens, you will need to trade your CYFM for Matic, which major exchanges accept. Metamask allows you to swap CYFM to Matic within the app. After you swap your CYFM tokens for Matic, you then send it to and exchange like Binance and sell it for fiat currency.

Final Thoughts

I would have loved it if they offered more stations, such as jazz or classical, but since this app is free and pays me to play music, it isn't a deal-breaker. Although there is a steep learning curve on using this app, if you are not familiar with how crypto wallets work, you'll reap the benefits of this app once you get the hang of it. I accumulated around 620 million CYFM in a couple of months using the app. I claimed the token a few days ago and got about 6 Matic coins for it. Not bad for something I've always been doing regularly.

Even though I am familiar with crypto wallets and using decentralized exchanges to swap crypto, I struggled with trading my CYFM tokens. The CYFM token is not found on decentralized exchanges by default, and you have to add the token to swap it to Matic. It took time for me to realize that I needed higher slippage for the transaction to push through. It was a good thing the several failed transactions I made were in the Matic network, or I would have spent a considerable sum if it were in the Ethereum network.

If you love listening to music on your way to work or at the office, CyberFm is an excellent way to earn extra income from what you are already doing. Just don't expect to make a lot from this app. Even though earning potential is minimal, it is still better than paying for music apps.

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