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Time Value of Money: How to Determine the Value of Money with Respect to Time

Money received today is more valuable than the same amount of money a year from now. It is essential to understand the relation between mone...

Featured Etoro Popular Investor: Future101

Janilo Omagap is the man behind the Future101 account. He is an Electronics Engineer working as a Process Engineer in a Multinational Company. He shares his financial goal, Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) on his Etoro feed. He is active in Etoro and the Facebook group Etoro Copy Trading Philippines. He also one of the moderators of that page. With more than 15 yrs experience in stock trading and investing, he intends to achieve FIRE by 2030.

Featured Etoro Popular Investor

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Never Buy A Stock Because of Fear Of Missing Out

The market has been rising since March 2020. Both stocks and cryptocurrencies have experienced significant gains in the past few months. Huge returns on penny stocks have attracted several traders who risk their equity on companies like Gamestop (GME), Blackberry (BB), and Nokia (NOK). These stocks have reached significant gains in the past few days due to the Reddit forum Wall Street Bets. After some of its users discovered a few hedge funds naked shorting troubled companies, these traders are on a mission to short squeeze these hedge funds. The movement started by these retail investors is responsible for the tremendous gains of those stocks. The euphoria of huge returns and the win against the hedge funds have brought more investors to these stocks.

The 5 stages of emotions of a trader