How to Invest in The Global Market

Investing is the best way to grow your money. There are a lot of investment instruments and markets available around the world. One of the disadvantages Pinoy investors encounter here in the Philippines is the availability of Investment instruments. There are only a limited number of investment instruments here in the Philippines.  UITF, Mutual Funds, and The Philippine Stock Market are some of the few investment instruments Pinoy Investor can use to grow their money. Cryptocurrencies are slowly being offered on some trading platforms here in the Philippines, but the variety is limited.

Trading and investing in the global market on Etoro

One of my frustrations in the Philippine stock market is the lack of tech companies with massive growth potential. The PSE doesn't have tech stocks such as Tesla that have the potential to grow ten times your investment in a few years.

There are a few ways Pinoy investors can invest in the global market. Etoro is one of the trading platforms that offer a wide range of trading instruments. Etoro started as a Forex and Commodities trading platform. When I started investing in Etoro back in 2012, it was built mainly for trading forex. Etoro gradually added more markets to its trading platform. As of 2021 Etoro offers, Forex, Commodities, Indexes, Stocks, and Crypto on its platform.

Etoro opens new horizons to how you invest your money. Etoro saw a massive influx of new Pinoy investors last 2020. The tremendous growth of the US Stock Market and the spike in the price of BTC caught the attention of a lot of Pinoy investors. More and more Filipinos are becoming curious and aware of the availability of the investment instrument. They are starting to invest in these markets and expanding their investment portfolio.

Although there is a good chance of profit in these markets, it is crucial to know the risks involved. Investing without studying increases the probability of losing your money. I highly recommend you take the time to learn before taking the plunge in investing your money. If you are excited to start investing, there are ways you could safely begin investing, which I will be discussing in my next post.

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