Free Online Philippine Stock Evaluation Tools

Before I ventured into investing in the Philippine Stock Market, I made sure that I understood the basics of stock investing. I read books and articles and learned basic ways to analyze stocks through fundamental and technical analysis. I needed data and tools to explore which stocks to buy.

Philippine Stocks

The official website of the Philippine Stock Exchange provides data you can use to evaluate a stock. The only problem with their site is the data of individual stocks takes time to sort. As a novice stock investor, I needed to find tools that will help me gather data at a minimal cost, data that will help me decide which stocks to invest in and at what price.

Despite the abundance of free Stock Tools on the net, only a handful include Philippines Stocks. I found a couple of websites that have Philippine Stocks in their database. Below are the websites that I am currently using.


Financial Data and Analyst Recommendations

Stock Chart Comparison
Stock Indicators and Comparison Tools

Reuters Stock Screener
Stock Screeners
One of the tools I regularly use is the Reuters website. Reuters provides Financial Data, Stock Comparison Tool, Stock Screener, Watch List and Analyst recommendations. Historical data for the Reuters Stock Comparison tool go back as far as 20 years. Their Analyst Recommendation offers a guide on how a particular stock will perform.

Financial Times

Financial Times Stock Data
Financial Data
Financial Times Stock Forecast
Analyst Forecast
Financial Times Stock Screener
Stock Screener
The Financial Times website provides Historical and Current Data, Charts, and forecasts for stock markets. They have a user-friendly Stock Screener and a very well-laid-out stock watchlist. Financial Times also provides recommendations on stocks based on several investment analysts.


Bloomberg Stock Data
Financial Data

Bloomberg Stock Chart Comparison
Bloomberg provides primary data such as PE Ratios, PEG, Dividend Yield, and a stock chart comparison with historical data up to 5 years. The stock chart includes a stock comparison tool and stock indicators.


Gurufocus Stock Fair Value
Stock Valuation
Gurufocus provides stock valuation such as Graham Number, Peter Lynch Fair Value and explains their equation on how they arrived at those numbers. Although you need to register to get the full benefit of this website, the accessible data is very informative.


Xyzsor Stock Fair Value
Stock Fair Value
Xyzsor stock manager provides users with the fair value of Philippine Stocks and allows users to establish potential returns. The site also offers a stock calculator and portfolio manager.