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Time Value of Money: How to Determine the Value of Money with Respect to Time

Money received today is more valuable than the same amount of money a year from now. It is essential to understand the relation between mone...

RCBC Savings Bank End of Summer Auto Bonanza 2014

RCBC Savings Bank is having a End of Summer Auto Bonanza this May 29, 2014 - June 4, 2014. They are selling their repossessed vehicles at low prices. Contact your nearest RCBC Savings Bank for more details. Always do a physical inspection of the vehicle before making a purchase. Check my previous post "Purchasing Repossessed Vehiclesto guide you in your search for your vehicle purchase. Below is a listing of their available units from their official website as of May 28, 2014.

Equity Investment Strategies - Value Averaging

The Philippine stock market is currently experiencing a lot of ups and downs the past few months. Ideally the best way to earn in equities is to buy low and sell high. The only problem is how will you know if the stocks has hit bottom level or has reached its peak. Since their is no way for us to predict the future, their are investment strategies we can adapt to lessen our risk and increase our chances of gaining wealth. One of the investment strategy I already discussed in the past post Equity Investment Strategies - Cost Averaging which is simply investing the same amount each month. Another popular and dynamic investment strategy is Value Averaging.

Value averaging is an investment strategy that sets a predetermined target amount for a specific period. The investor either buys more shares if the value of his investments drops or sells shares if the value drastically increases compared to the target value. The investor sets the interval and the predetermined amount either in fixed additional amount or in increasing additional in amount. The concept of this investment strategy is basically buy when the market drops and sell when the market is high.

Effective Monthly Interest Rate Calculator

I've been researching the past few weeks on ways to put useful calculators in my website. I've tried reading tutorials to encode or embed an interactive calculator in this site. I just recently found out that I can embed spreadsheets using Microsoft excel online. For my first calculator I decided embed one my most used formula in projecting my investments. This calculator will convert annual interest rates to effective monthly interest rate.

Change the annual interest rate in the white box to convert it to compounding monthly rates.

Save Money by Buying Slightly Used Cars

Buying a vehicle can be difficult especially if you have a limited budget. Purchasing a car is one of the few major expenses most people will incur in their lifetime. One way of acquiring a vehicle at a discount price is to purchase a used car. A four year old used car is a lot cheaper compared to a brand new car and will most likely still be the same as the current model.
honda fd

My previous and current vehicle were used cars. I personally prefer purchasing slightly used new cars. If you are searching for bargain deals of slightly used cars here are some tips to consider before you decide.