Etoro Account Update January 2014

I decided to minimize my copy trades and open my own trades last October 2013. So far I have been able to slowly regain my investment. I mainly trade with the EUR USD. As of January 20, 2014 I have managed to regain all my loses last year. My account gained 39% from my initial investment.

I have already made a total of 3 withdrawals. I didn't experience any problems with withdrawing from my Etoro account. I have withdrawn 73% of my profits, 5% of my profit was allocated for over weekend fees and withdrawal fees. The rest of the remaining profits are reinvested in my account.

I have been using Etoro for more than a year now and I have managed to learn from some of the etoro gurus by copying them. I kept my account alive by staying away from traders who have unusually high returns. I also took over some trades if I think I can still save the trade or if the trades are unsafe. My aim is to regain all of my investment before the end of 2014. I will post updates of my progress in the succeeding months.