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Time Value of Money: How to Determine the Value of Money with Respect to Time

Money received today is more valuable than the same amount of money a year from now. It is essential to understand the relation between mone...

Personal Finance: Compounding Interest

A lot of Filipinos are familiar with the term interest rates. We have encountered it in our savings account, loans or investment. Although most Filipinos are familiar with the word interest rate, there are those who do not fully comprehend the compounding effects of interest rates. Depending on how compounding interest  affects your finances, it can either increase your wealth or empty your bank account. Most people don't realize the effects of compounding interest until they experience the effect of it in their lives. You can either let your money work for you or become a slave of money. 

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Compounding interest according to Investopedia "Interest calculated on the initial principal and also on the accumulated interest of previous periods of a deposit or loan." In its simplest term it is "Interest on Interest". One important aspect you should carefully examine before entering into something which involves interest rates is the period which it covers. Some interest rates are on a yearly or per annum(P.A.) basis and some are based on a monthly basis. 

Etoro Account Update January 2014

I decided to minimize my copy trades and open my own trades last October 2013. So far I have been able to slowly regain my investment. I mainly trade with the EUR USD. As of January 20, 2014 I have managed to regain all my loses last year. My account gained 39% from my initial investment.

Financial Goals 2014

I started this blog way back in 2008 to learn about handling my Personal Finances. I am not a Professional Finance Adviser and I do not have a back ground on accounting or investing. All I have is an interest to learn about these topics.

I started reading about investments and personal finance back in 2008. Although I learned a lot from the articles and books I read, I didn't practice most of the things I learned until 2010. Even then I still had problems with how I handled my money. Even though I earned more than the average person my age back then, I also spent most of my income buying the latest gadgets and splurging on other unnecessary expenses.

Break down of my Current Assets at the Start of 2014