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How to Look for Bargain Deals

Searching for bargain deals has become easier with the use of the internet. The internet provides us access to international retailers and independent sellers who offer lower prices compared to mall prices. You can save thousands of pesos by exerting a little effort on searching for other sources before making a purchase. Below are some tips you should consider before making a purchase.

Compare Prices
Every time you plan to purchase a big ticket item, it is always better to have an idea on what the prevailing prices are on the market. Ask your nearest local retailers for their prices to get a gauge on the prevailing market price. Search the internet for online retailers so that you will have an idea how much the item costs. If the price difference between the local retailers and online retailers are negligible, then it is more practical to purchase the items at your local retailer. Exerting a little effort before purchasing those big ticket items will prevent buyers remorse save you a lot of money in the long run.

Free $20 Stock Gift Card at Etoro

Etoro is handing out $20 to loyal traders who opened an account before they launched their expanded stock selection. They are giving it to traders who weren't able to avail the free $20 stock investment gift card before.

Etoro has a broad selection of almost a hundred stocks to choose from. They offer a lot of the popular brands such as Nike, Coke, Visa, Apple and more. You can invest in those stocks for as little as $10, and with the free $20 gift card, you can invest it in two stocks or invest it all in one stock for free.

For more details about this promo, watch Etoros official video below.

Disclaimer: Asides from being a trader investing in Etoro, I am not affiliated with Etoro and I am merely sharing this opportunity.

Earn SM Advantage Points at Shell Stations

SM has partnered with shell to provide more points for SM advantage members. You can earn 1 SMAC point for every purchase of Php 250 Shell Quality Fuel. You can also earn points everytime you purchase other Shell products and avail their Services. Check out Shells official website at http://www.shell.com.ph for more details.

Earn SMAC Points by Purchasing Shell Fuel

Philippines Discount Coupons

One great place to look for bargain deals and big discounts is to buy discount group coupons. These websites offer prices at a lower rate once the number of required buyers are reached. These sites have a variety of products to choose from. You can avail bargain deals for Dining, Vacation, Beauty Products and other products. Click on the images below and check out the great deals these websites offer.

Etoro Guru August 2013

One of the unique features of Etoro is their Copy trader. This allows you to copy all the trades a particular trader makes. Since there are a lot of traders to choose from in Etoro, you should be careful in choosing who to copy. Some traders have high return and high risk traders and others are low risk and low return traders. I prefer copying traders with consistent medium returns with sound money management.

One of the traders I recommend, which I personally copy is Hexcho2 or Hesham Kafafi. Hexcho2 doesn't keep a lot of open trades and rarely open high risk trades. His historical performance also shows you that he doesn't have any losing trades. He only uses a small portion of his account in trading. He earned additional 19.9% of his equity last month. For his 3 month gain is 62.5%, while his 6 month earning is 227.4%.

Even with his impressive historical performance, it does not assure future performance. It is advisable that you copy traders in your practice account first before copying them in your real account. For more information about Hexcho2 visit his Etoro profile account at https://openbook.etoro.com/hexcho2/stats/