Etoro Successful Cash Withdrawal

After more than 7 months in Etoro I have finally made my first withdrawal. It took me a while to generate some profit due to some bad decisions by me at the start. I copied high risk trader in the hopes on earning money quick.

Below are details on the withdrawal I made on Etoro.

After my huge lost last January, I finally decided to copy consistent and reliable traders. I used to copy around 10 Gurus and now I am down to 4. My criteria on choosing Gurus has changed and I only copy Gurus who have good money management strategies and consistent growth in their equity.

Although I am still far from reaching ROI due to some bad trades that I copied and manually adjusted from the Gurus I used to copy, I am hopeful that I will be able to get my investment back before the year ends. Withdrawal from Etoro was very smooth and I gladly recommend Etoro for people who are interested in investing and learning Forex.

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