Bloomberg Watchlist - Essential Tool for Tracking Your Investment

When I started investing regularly in trust funds and mutual funds I had a hard time tracking investments. I had to regularly visit each of my investments website to keep track on the NAVPU for each of my investments.

This really wasn't a problem then since I used the Cost Averaging method in investing in those funds. When I decided to switch my investment strategy to Value Averaging, I was having a hard time tracking the NAVPU of my investments, since I needed to know how much money should I come up for my next investments.

When I found out that Bloomberg has a tool to track all of my investment I immediately registered and tried it out. They have data for most of the mutual funds and trust funds here in the Philippines and their records go back to as far as 5 years. Asides from using Bloomberg Watchlist to track my investments, I can also use it to test out in investing in stocks and study it before immediately jumping in to invest.

If you are regularly investing in Mutual Funds, Trust Funds and Stocks I suggest you visit their website at and try out this tool. The best thing about this tool is it is free.

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