Chinabank Money Lift Tax Free Time Deposit

China Banking Corporation (China Bank) has launched Money Lift Quarterly. A five-year-and-one-day time deposit product that offers high interest rates from 4.00%* p.a. for a minimum P50,000 to as high as 4.75%* p.a. for P1 million and above - tiered rates apply for other deposit amounts, substantially higher than other regular savings and time deposit accounts. Best of all, interest earned is tax-free (free from witholding tax if held to maturity) and paid out quarterly. Much more, document stamp taxes are paid by the bank

“MoneyLift Quarterly is ideal for customers seeking to invest their hard-earned money in a deposit instrument that provides security, liquidity, and good returns,” said Vice President for Customer Marketing, Owen S. Maramag. “With the continued low rates for regular deposits, customers should take advantage of this opportunity to lock in high rates for their savings and enjoy the quarterly interest payments, tax-free.”

China Bank’s new long-term deposit instrument combines attractive returns – fixed interest rates for the entire five year tenor – with PDIC cover and liquidity as the interest is credited every three months in a settlement account (savings or checking) which customers can use for whatever purpose or leave with that settlement account to also earn interest.

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