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Time Value of Money: How to Determine the Value of Money with Respect to Time

Money received today is more valuable than the same amount of money a year from now. It is essential to understand the relation between mone...

Initial investment On Etoro

Despite not so good reviews from other websites I decided to try Etoro with a minimal investment of $100. If I loose my investment I wouldn't be too worried about it. Since I am not totally familiar with forex trading I decided to copy the gurus based on their performance. If all goes well I will be investing more on Etoro.

I will post monthly updates on the status of my investment, how long it took for ROI and the performance of the Gurus that I am copying. The average gain of the Gurus I am copying is 10% per month. At that rate I expect to get my investment back within 7 months.

Equity Investment Strategies - Cost Averaging

Investing in Equity Trust or Mutual Funds is the most rewarding among other funds. This also comes at the price of greater risk in losing your investment. In order to increase your chances of earning more and lessen the risk of losing your investment, I will be discussing a couple of strategies that will maximize your earning through investing in Equity Funds. Some of these strategies will show you how you can make the most of a declining Equity Fund.

Since there are numerous Equity funds both from Trust Fund and Mutual Funds I will be using the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) as my basis for these strategies. I will be comparing the Lump Sum Investment which is the benchmark with the Cost Averaging, Share Averaging, and Value Averaging.