Maybank High Yielding Tax Free Time Deposit

For people who are not comfortable in risking their money in high risk investments, Maybank is offering a High Interest Time Deposit product. This is suitable for those investors who prefer safe and secure investments. Since these are bank deposit products they are covered by the PDIC.

The ADDvantage Time Deposit is a fixed interest TAX FREE 5 year time deposit. People can avail this product for a small deposit of P50,000. This product is a great alternative from mutual funds or trust funds.

Product features taken from their website.


Benefits:Net of interest for individual client and waived documentary stamp tax upon maturity
Applicable For:IndividualCommercial
Balance Required:P50,000
Balance to EarnInterest:P50,000
Interest Earned Paid:Individual - 5% net
Corporate - 5% gross
Passbook/Record Book:None
ATM Card:None

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Honey Ganda said...

update as of May 5, 2013, the interest for this went down to just 3.5% p.a.. FYI>

James said...

Thanks for the update Honey Ganda.