6 Things I've Learned from the Terra Luna Crash

6 Things I've Learned from the Terra Luna Crash

The past few days have been disastrous for the crypto market. Luna a top ten crypto crashed to abysmal prices and wiped out a lot of people's investments. Although I held a small amount of Luna in my portfolio it didn't compose a huge part of my portfolio. Even though it was a small portion of my portfolio it still left a bad impression on me. I've never experienced losing investment to almost zero within less than 3 days.

Terra Luna

This blockchain is unlikely to recover from this crash. The blockchain has been printing Luna to return the value of UST to one dollar, which has resulted in a large number of investors withdrawing their funds. After suffering the worst investment loss of my life, I learned a few lessons that I will try to avoid in the future.

How to Reduce Fuel Expense

With fuel prices skyrocketing lately and hitting all-time highs, finding ways to save and maximize fuel is of utmost importance. The increasing fuel prices will probably affect your budget if you have a vehicle. To minimize the effects of the rising fuel prices, you must be resourceful and find ways to reduce the impact of the fuel price hike. I've shared a few things I've been doing to minimize my fuel expenses and maximize every drop I put into my vehicle.


Use Waze or Google Maps to avoid traffic.

One of the most used apps on my phone is Waze. Every time I go out during rush hours, I see to it to check whether there is heavy traffic on my usual route. I've avoided heavy traffic caused by accidents by using Waze. An alternative to Waze is Google Maps, but I prefer Waze over Google Maps between the two.

One neat feature people rarely use on these apps is the scheduling a trip feature. This feature will help you avoid traffic by determining the best time to leave your location to arrive at your destination the fastest. The app uses historical data to predict the best time to depart from a particular area. By using this feature, you can decide to leave early to avoid traffic or wait a few minutes until the volume of traffic dwindles.


How to Earn Passive Income on Cryptocurrencies with Nexo

One of the popular ways of earning passive income in crypto is through staking. Staking allows your crypto to earn passive income on top of value appreciation, which is especially helpful whenever the crypto market is down. The number of proof of stake (POS) coins have drastically increased in the past few years and is becoming the majority consensus mechanism in crypto. Unfortunately, you can't stake some of the biggest crypto, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, which use the proof of work (POW). These coins do not offer rewards for holding on to your cryptos.


Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

If most of your holdings are POW cryptos, then the method of earning a passive income I'll be sharing is for you. Crypto lending is one of the ways for you to earn passive income on cryptos that you can't stake. There are several options available in almost all major protocols. There are two ways to lend your crypto, and you can lend it through Centralized Finance (CeFi) or Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Crypto lending allows its users to lend out their crypto to other users and earn interest. These loans are highly collateralized to secure the lenders' capital.

Earn Free Money by Listening to Music on CyberFm

Last year, I came across CyberFm, an app that pays cryptocurrencies just by tuning into their online FM stations. Cyberfm pays its listeners with CYFM tokens each month for each minute they listen on their online stations. Cyberfm has a wide selection of stations to choose from that covers different genres and eras.

How to open an account in Cyberfm?

The first thing you should do is create a crypto wallet. Cyberfm needs a wallet address that will serve as your Cyberfm account. This wallet address is also where your CYFM tokens, the Cyberfm crypto, will be credited.

Creating a crypto wallet is free, and you can find several in the AppStore. Metamask wallet is one of the most popular crypto wallets and is the wallet that I use. After creating a wallet, you need to install the Cyberfm app from Playstore or Apple store.

Upon opening the app, press the setting button and create an account on Cyberfm using your wallet address. Cyberfm is currently available in three networks: Matic, Tron, and BSC. I recommend using the Matic network since this is the network that is the simplest to set up.

8 Crypto Investing Strategies to Reduce Losing Your Captial

The cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially, and with it comes price volatility. Price volatility attracts new investors when the market is in a bull run, but it also scares new investors in a bear market. If you've been considering investing in cryptocurrency but are worried about losing money, I'll share some tips to help reduce your risk in crypto investing. Before investing, you should always do research to alleviate your fears and doubts about an investment.

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