How to Invest in Crypto For as Low as 50 Pesos

Cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of attention in the past few months. Last year we saw huge gains on cryptocurrencies and, several cryptocurrencies have reached all-time highs. Bitcoin, in particular, gained a lot of attention during the lockdown period. Despite the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, only a handful of people invest in cryptocurrencies.

The first obstacle most people encounter when it comes to cryptocurrencies is that they don't know where and how to begin. To acquire cryptocurrencies, you either buy them at an exchange or mine them. In this post, I will be focusing on how to purchase cryptocurrencies with minimal investment.

Before we start, I would like to emphasize that I am not endorsing any of these products. I use this product which is the only reason why I am sharing it in this post. This post is not a piece of financial advice and, you should always do your research before investing. Lastly, I would like to remind you that cryptocurrency is a very volatile asset class and, you should only invest money you can afford to lose.

There are several exchanges to buy and trade cryptocurrencies but, most of these platforms have high initial deposits. Pdax is one of the most affordable exchanges that I currently use. Pdax was founded in 2017 and is a crypto exchange that trades cryptos against the philippine peso. It is regulated and licensed by the Bangko Central ng Pilipinas. The low minimum trades make Pdax accessible for Filipinos to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Who to Copy on Etoro - CPHequities

If you are looking for someone to copy on eToro, check out my video on CPHequities. This is not a piece of financial advice but my opinion based on the past performance of this trader. Please consider that past performance does not guarantee future results. I hope you find my video useful. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions. Thanks

How to Make Money on Etoro by Copy Trading

Etoro has been around for a while now, and it has gained traction over the past few years. One of the best features of eToro is its copy trader function. Copy trading was what made eToro stand out from other brokers. It enabled novice traders to copy other successful traders on its platform. There is a huge opportunity for novice investors to make money just by copying other investors on eToro.

Etoro has a huge pool of talented investors to choose from, and with a little diligence, you can automate your investment and make a lot of money from copy trading.

Copy Trader

How Does Etoro Copy Trading Works

Copy trading allows you to copy other eToro investors' trade as long as their account is public. Once you copy an investor on eToro, the portion dedicated to copy that investor will mimic each transaction the investor makes in his portfolio. Although there might be instances that your portfolio may not copy trades due to the trade being below the minimum amount, eToro will copy the rest of the trades that reach the minimum.

How Much is the Minimum Copy Amount

eToro just recently increased the minimum copy amount from $200 to $500 due to increased volume on their platform. The increase in their minimum copy amount will reduce the number of small trades on their platform and ease their network congestion. $500 might seem like a huge amount to some, but when you look closer into how to copy trading will spread this amount, the increase is beneficial to the copy traders. Considering most Popular Investors have more than ten positions open on their portfolio, the increased minimum amount will allow copy traders to sync their portfolio to the popular investor.

3 Debt Payment Strategies To Help You Get Out of Debt

After the events of the 2020 pandemic, people are starting to feel the effects of the lockdown on their finances. Unsettled debts have doubled compared to pre-pandemic numbers. People have a hard time settling their debts due to loss of income during the lockdown or the loss of their work. If you are having trouble paying your debts, I have compiled three debt payment strategies to help you get out of debt.

Calculating debt

Avoid Credit Card Debt at All Cost

The pandemic has brought the world into financial distress. Several are experiencing mounting debts, which have been steadily rising since the quarantine started last year. People have lost their jobs and cannot settle their obligations due to unemployment and the unavailability of funds caused by the lockdown. Outstanding debts before the pandemic have ballooned due to interests and charges from their lenders. 

Credit card debt

Credit card debts are one of the debts that many people are having problems with right now. This type of debt typically charges exorbitant fees compared to secured loans due to the nature of the obligations being risky. I used to believe that credit cards are great financial tools as long as you promptly pay the entire outstanding balance before the due date. Credit cards offer deferred payments, rebates, rewards, low-interest unsecured cash loans, and installment payments.

Featured Etoro Popular Investor: Future101

Janilo Omagap is the man behind the Future101 account. He is an Electronics Engineer working as a Process Engineer in a Multinational Company. He shares his financial goal, Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) on his Etoro feed. He is active in Etoro and the Facebook group Etoro Copy Trading Philippines. He also one of the moderators of that page. With more than 15 yrs experience in stock trading and investing, he intends to achieve FIRE by 2030.

Featured Etoro Popular Investor

To know more about Future101 and whether or not you should add him to your portfolio read 7 Reasons to Copy Future101.

Never Buy A Stock Because of Fear Of Missing Out

The market has been rising since March 2020. Both stocks and cryptocurrencies have experienced significant gains in the past few months. Huge returns on penny stocks have attracted several traders who risk their equity on companies like Gamestop (GME), Blackberry (BB), and Nokia (NOK). These stocks have reached significant gains in the past few days due to the Reddit forum Wall Street Bets. After some of its users discovered a few hedge funds naked shorting troubled companies, these traders are on a mission to short squeeze these hedge funds. The movement started by these retail investors is responsible for the tremendous gains of those stocks. The euphoria of huge returns and the win against the hedge funds have brought more investors to these stocks.

The 5 stages of emotions of a trader